The College of Applied Sciences Užice is a public higher education institution, one of the leading institutions in the field of vocational education/applied studies in the Republic of Serbia, with about 1,300 students enrolled in accredited study programmes in three fields of science: engineering and technology, social sciences and humanities, and medical and health sciences.


Our study programmes are designed to develop students’ ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in real-world business settings.Therefore, the College provides higher education not only through course delivery, but also through other forms of professional development, such as one-day or longer seminars and training courses, workshops, round tables and professional lectures on different contemporary topics, such as business communication, tourism destination management, energy efficiency, ecology, urban planning and design, artificial intelligence, etc.



For over 40 years, i.e. since the establishment of the College in 1975, we have been harmonizing our study programmes with the development strategy of the Republic of Serbia and our region, and modernizing them in order to respond to technical and technological, social and economic changes, as well as to labour market demands.Numerous partnership agreements have been signed between our college and various entrepreneurs and institutions in order to provide our students with hands-on experience.


Moreover, we are doing everything in our power to fight against the trends detrimental to our society, such as betrayal of expectations, loss of trust and lack of belonging, which affect young people, who are, unfortunately, increasingly leaving not only their hometown, but also their country. One of the ways to motivate and encourage young people is to recognize and appreciate their efforts and work accordingly. There are plenty of occasions and events in the College when our best students receive awards, such as scholarships, grants or study trips.


The College staff comprises 23 professors with a doctoral degree, 9 lecturers with a master’s degree, and over 15 teaching associates with profound scientific, professional and practical knowledge.


So far, the College has organized 10 international scientific conferences entitled ‘Science and Higher Education in Function of Sustainable Development’, received more than 120 papers per conference and gathered renowned experts and scientists both from the country and abroad. The conference also provides our students with an opportunity to present the results of their scientific research and have their papers published.


Since 2009, the College staff and students have been actively involved in the implementation of international Tempus and Erasmus projects, through which we have established cooperation with numerous higher education institutions in Serbia and EU countries. Owing to the grants received, we have managed to modernize our study programmes, provide state-of-the-art equipment and increase the mobility of both staff and students.


Today, the college occupies an area of around 4000 m2, and offers lecture halls, IT classrooms, laboratories and a library fully equipped to ensure a quality learning environment.