Management Section

Management Section, Room 109


Martinovic Milan, PhD

Vice-chairman Mitrovic Slavica, PhD

4th October, 17:00

Author(s) Title of the paper
1. Martinovic M.*, Tanaskovic Z.*; Martinovic S.**
* Business Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA
** Societe Generale Bank, Belgrade, SERBIA
Entrepreneurial Strategy And Development Management Of Small And Medium Enterprises
2. Martinovic M., Tanaskovic Z.
Business Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA
The Role Of Business-Technical College Of Vocational Studies From Uzice In The Development Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Zlatibor District
3. Ruzicic V.
University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, SERBIA
Application of Some Tools and Methods Aimed at Advancement of Project Management
4. Staletic N., Staletic P.
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Applied Studies, Belgrade, SERBIA
The Origins and Development of the Concept of Sustainable Development
5. Mitrovic S., Milisavljevic S., Losonc A.
Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, SERBIA
Social Responsibility in the Function of Growth and Development of Companies
6. Lukic Lj.
Business College „Prof. Dr Radomir Bojković“, Kruševac, SERBIA
Management Challenges In Mergers & Acquisitions Of Companies
7. Jordovic Pavlovic M.*;Djuricic M.**
* Secondary Technical School, Užice, SERBIA;
** Businnes-Technical College, Užice, SERBIA
Reengeneering of the Educational Work Process in the Postmodern Age
8. Skorup S.*; Krstic M.**, Skorup A.**
* Business College of Vocational Studies "Prof. dr Radomir Bojković", Kruševac,  SERBIA;
** College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, SERBIA
Research Methodology Of Managers’ Motivation In Business Systems
9. Grujcic Z.
Alfa University, Faculty of Engineering Management, Belgrade, SERBIA
Knowledge Management as a Function of Choosing Intelligent (Smart) Phone
10. Milutinovic N.*; Tumbas P.**
* Business-Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA;
** University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics, Subotica, SERBIA
Organization of Teaching Process Evaluation Procedure
11. Tanaskovic Z.*; Milosavljevic G.**
* Business-Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA;
** Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SERBIA
Employee Education As A Long-Term Strategy Of A Company
12. Milutinovic R.*; Milutinovic N.**
* Impol Seval Aluminium Rolling Mill, Sevojno, SERBIA;
** Business-Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA
Irresistible Art Of Business Translation
13. Dogandzic A.
Business Technical College, Uzice, SERBIA
The Trap of Identity
14. Mitar Lutovac M.*;Djuricic M.**; Kovacevic I.***; Pavlovic M.****;Ceganjac Z.****
* Faculty for business and industrial management, Union University, Belgrade, SERBIA;
** Business-Technical College, Uzice, SERBIA;
*** University of Banja Luka, Postgraduate studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, Banja Luka, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA; ****
Faculty of technology and metalurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SERBIA;
***** Technological College, Arandjelovac, SERBIA
Impact Of Education Activities Oriented Towards The Education Of Engineering Students
15. Avakumovic J.*, Avakumovic C.**, Avakumovic J.**
* Faculty for business and industrial management, Belgrade, SERBIA
** Design, Technology and Management College, Belgrade, SERBIA
Integrated Marketing Management Of Touristic Destination And Its Strategic Analysis
16. Kovacevic D.
Secondary school, Čajetina, SERBIA
Process Safety and Environmental Protection