Civil Engineering Section

Civil Engineering Section, Room 207

Chairman Jevtic Dragica, PhD

Mr Jelena Markicevic

Mr Ivana Cirovic

4th October, 13:00

Author(s) Title of the paper
1. Cirovic I., Petronijevic D.
Businnes Technical College, Uzice, SERBIA
Clustered Randomness in Architectural Compositions
2. Cirovic I.
Business Technical College, Uzice, SERBIA
Fractional Brownian Functions As Design Tool
3. Jevtic D.*, Markicevic J.**, Savic A.*
* Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SERBIA;
** Business Technical College, Uzice, SERBIA
Fly Ash Influence On Certain Properties Of Concrete Composites
4. Radovanovic Z.
Ministry of youth and sports, Belgrade, SERBIA
Residental Typologies of Cacak at the Beginning of the 21 St Century and the Concept of Sustainable Development
5. Susic N.*; Djuricic Dj.**, Arsovic D.**
* Institute for testing of materials, Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Belgrade, SERBIA;
** Business Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA
Influence Of The Vegetation Removal On Landslide Formation
6. Lucic D.*, Scepanovic B.*, Aleksic S.*; Djuricic Dj.**
* Faculty of civil engineering, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, MONTENEGRO;
** Business Technical College of Vocational Studies, Uzice, SERBIA
Coollapse Modes And Failure Load Of Patch Loaded I-Girders
7. Kuzovic D.*, Stojnic N.**
* Kosovska 10, Uzice, SERBIA
** The Jaroslav Černi Institute, Belgrade, SERBIA
Preservation Medieval Towns in Western Serbia From the Perspective of the Seismic Hazard
8. Kuzovic D.*, Kuzovic J.**
* Kosovska 10, Uzice, SERBIA;
** Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, SERBIA
Language of Architecture Brutalism in Serbia as a Matter of Cultural Exchange